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Tooth Decay And Plaque

Tooth Decay And Plaque Treatment Pakenham

Over time, bacteria can accumulate on your teeth and in your mouths so much that it overwhelms your body’s natural defences. Without regular dental check-ups and cleans, plaque can build up to the point where the bacteria hiding within it can produce too much acid which is the start of dental decay. By having regular check-ups and cleans, it reduces the chances of bacteria gaining the upper hand and therefore, reduces the chances of needing fillings or gum disease. At Renew Dental Care, we have special intraoral cameras that we use that can actually show you where the plaque is building up and where decay is starting so that you can start to use preventive measures to stop the destruction of your teeth. As always prevention is better than cure, so get into the habit of twice-yearly dental checkups and cleans. We can provide a tailor-made plan for you to help you keep your teeth, mouth, and gums healthy for a lifetime of smiles. We can also show you strategies and recommend products for you to help improve your oral health as well as providing dietary advice to minimise your chances of developing dental disease. Call our friendly staff today.

Tooth Decay Pakenham

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