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About Renew Dental Care
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Oral Health

Oral health is so important to our general health. Studies have shown that diseases in the oral cavity are often linked to diseases elsewhere in our bodies. Looking after our mouths is paramount to looking after our bodies. At Renew Dental Care, our team is well prepared to diagnose all dental diseases and be able to treat most of them. We also provide guidance to help you look after your teeth for life.

You just need to follow 2 simple rules at home

Only brush those teeth you want to keep

Don’t rush when you brush

At Renew Dental Care we can provide you with information as to how to eat healthily

Top Quality Modern Dental Care

All treatment choices will be explained to you thoroughly discussing all the pros and cons and the costs involved. In order to obtain the best clinical judgment, digital xrays may need to be taken. With the advent of digital radiography, radiation doses are so low that lead aprons don’t even need to be worn anymore. Also, digital photos of your teeth and smile will be taken and shown to you, so you can see what we see. Everything will be thoroughly explained and if there are any questions, they will be answered. Communication is a core principle of any dental procedure and full consent will be obtained before any treatment is done. We will not push you towards any treatment. All we do is to identify the problem and offer possible solutions.

Ultimately our goal at Renew Dental Care is to provide top quality modern dental care, so that you leave with a smile and are happy to recommend us to your friends and family to look after their oral health.

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