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Bad Breath or Halitosis

Bad Breath/Halitosis Treatment Pakenham

Many patients often report having bad breath. This can both be socially awkward and may affect one’s confidence or presentation. This may occur during the morning when one wakes up, which is quite normal, and is mostly due to the saliva build up whilst you sleep. Often eating something or brushing your teeth will clear this up. However, there may be times when bad breath could lead to something more serious. This is often a sign that something is wrong with your body. It could very well be tooth or gum related or there may be something happening inside your digestive system. Either way, it is important to get this checked as leaving it too long may lead to further problems down the track which can be very difficult, if not impossible, and expensive to correct. Addressing this problem early may lead to better outcomes.

At Renew Dental Care, we can help you treat your bad breath or halitosis, so it will not have any impact on your day to day activities. To know more, call our friendly staff today.

Bad Breath Treatment

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