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Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Or Dental Crowns

These are the strongest and most aesthetic restorations for your teeth. They are made from high strength ceramic material either zirconia or a lithium disilicate material. Preparing the teeth for crowns to involve a controlled removal of tooth structure usually less than a millimeter and then impressions are taken of the teeth. The impressions are sent to our local ceramic office where our highly skilled and trained ceramist will create a porcelain crown that looks like a real tooth but with over 500 times the compression strength of normal tooth enamel.

Porcelain crowns solve many problems from functional concerns, like pain or sensitivity when biting down, or aesthetic issues, like discoloured and misshaped teeth. Also, as we age, our teeth will wear down and develop cracks. This may lead to pain or the teeth breaking. Porcelain crowns will help in bringing back the teeth to full strength and increase the lifespan of the teeth. To know more, call our friendly staff today.

Dental Crowns Pakenham

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