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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Pakenham

When decay or cracks in teeth go too deep and start to involve the insides of our teeth where the nerves and blood vessels are (called the pulp), then they may start to hurt or even get infected. This is where root canal treatment comes in. Root canal treatment involves the cleaning out of the dental pulp so that no bacteria or inflamed tissues remain which is the cause of the pain. Once the pulp is clean, it is then filled up with a rubber compound which seals up the pulp so no more bacteria can enter.

The procedure involves a series of small instruments known as files, which removes the infected or inflamed pulp tissue, and it is then disinfected with various chemicals such as bleach. Once disinfection is achieved, the pulp is them completely filled with the rubber compound which will seal it up. The tooth is now quite weak, as the core of the tooth had to be drilled out to access the pulp chamber. It is very susceptible to castastrophic fracture at this stage. So a porcelain crown is placed on the tooth to bring it back up to full strength.

Here at Renew Dental Care, we have specialised instruments to make root canals streamlined and successful. You may have heard that root canals are very painful, but in our experience, this is very rare.

At Renew Dental Care, we will ensure that you are completely numb, and all precautions are taken to ensure that you are completely safe. A rubber dam is used extensively throughout a root canal procedure to increase the success rate of a root canal. To book your appointment, call our friendly staff today.

Root Canal Treatment Pakenham

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