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TMD Or Teeth Grinding

TMD (Temporal Mandibular Disorder) or Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

The stresses of our modern lifestyle can lead our bodies to take it out on our teeth. We can often subconsciously clench our jaw muscles or grind our teeth together, which can lead to quite a severe destruction of our tooth structure. It can also affect the jaw joint, which can be quite painful and debilitating. Sometimes, the grinding or clenching can become so ingrained that our jaw muscles develop muscle memory and it can be impossible for them to break the habit, leading to more destruction of our teeth. A dentist can construct nightguards to protect the teeth from further destruction, but more importantly, place the jaw muscles in a more relaxed position so it is impossible for them to fully exert the forces which lead to tooth destruction. As our tooth enamel is unable to regenerate, with continued grinding, the teeth become smaller and smaller, and in the most extreme cases, they can be worn down to gum level.

At Renew Dental Care, we can provide treatment to prevent the continued destruction of your teeth through grinding or clenching, and we can also rebuild your teeth if they are severely worn down so that you can function confidently again. Speak to us if you suffer from teeth grinding to discuss strategies to combat teeth grinding.

Teeth Grinding Treatment

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