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Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

We Provide Gentle Wisdom Teeth Extractions In A Comfortable & Relaxed Environment At Affordable Prices

We Provide Gentle Wisdom Teeth Extractions In A Comfortable & Relaxed Environment At Affordable Prices

Gentle, Pain Free Tooth Extractions

The team at Renew Dental Care are highly experienced in providing gentle wisdom teeth extractions at an affordable cost. We believe in ensuring our patients are provided with the highest standard of care with minimal pain, while maintaining their comfort. 

Why Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are generally the last of your adult teeth to emerge. At times wisdom teeth have trouble erupting due to overcrowding in the jaw, this causes the teeth to become 'impacted'.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth can cause varying degrees of pain making it uncomfortable to carry on with your day to day life. At times when impacted wisdom teeth have been identified or are causing pain, they may need to be removed. 

Why Choose Us?

The highly experienced dentists at Renew Dental Care have performed countless extractions and are experts at wisdom teeth removal. We also go the extra mile to ensure treatment is provided in a comfortable environment with minimal pain. 

Our tooth extractions are done safely at our dental clinic in Pakenham. We use local anesthetic to numb the area so you don't feel pain during treatment.

Our dentists are great with anxious patients who have a fear of the dentist. Using a variety of techniques coupled with gentle dentistry we can make sure your treatment is as comfortable and smooth as possible.  

If you require wisdom teeth extraction and have been looking for treatment that is both gentle and affordable, contact Renew Dental Care today!

  • Highly Experienced Dentists
  • Comfortable & Relaxed Environment
  • Gentle Treatment 
  • Great With Anxious Patients
  • Affordable

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